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Finding Big Foot Scavenger Hunt
FAQ's & Rules
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Welcome to Sasquatch Adventure Weekend (S.A.W.) in Dallas Oregon 

Whether you're a true believer, a skeptic or still undecided, one thing is for sure, people love Bigfoot. They love the idea of Bigfoot, the phenomenon of Bigfoot, the pop culture of Bigfoot, the myth of Bigfoot and yes, even the sounds of Bigfoot. Let's face it, we're crazy for Bigfoot!  
Searchin' for Squatch Rules

1. Your search team members can be any age, however the team captain must be over 18.

2. Your search team MUST STAY TOGETHER.  Many of the tasks require the entire search team to work together. 

3. Your search team must have a camera phone and some way to tell time. There will not be a way to charge your phone while searching, so please make sure it's fully charged. 

4. Weather in September can be unpredictable. Please dress appropriately and make sure the littlest members of your team are well equipped for whatever weather may be in store. 

Searchin' for Squatch Prizes

Searchin' for Squatch Team Registration


$10.00 per person

Thank you! 

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