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10 Best Things About Living In a Small Town

1. Enjoy the sky at night

Light pollution arises from the use of excessive artificial light at night. According to the International Dark-Sky Association, this has negative environmental consequences for humans, animals and the climate because of glare, skyglow, light trespass and light clutter. In addition, it prevents us from being able to see the beautiful starry night. In general, small towns do not have skyscrapers and tall buildings which reduce light pollution and is better for our environment. If you live in a small town, you can enjoy star-gazing every night.

2. Befriend strangers

Living in a small town means you will know everyone from every corner of the town. There will always be "familiar faces" you will come across. Since the area itself is such a small space, you are likely to spend time in every store, restaurant or park. This increases the odds of you bumping into many of the same residents on multiple occasions which allows befriending them easier. Being able to connect with these residents will increase your social network and make you feel at home.

3. Welcome a unique culture

Small towns have a greater scope of expressing and celebrating their own unique culture. Whether it's a quaint-looking aesthetic that runs across town, or a specific tradition that is held, you can take the time to appreciate a new type of culture.

For example, in the small town of Sedona, Arizona, there is a rich artistic heritage which incorporates a beautiful bright green scenery against buildings, homes and restaurants that are different shades of red. This creates a sense of uniqueness within this one town which values the importance of an artistic culture.

4. Get involved in your community

Coming across opportunities to make an impact to your community and its members becomes easier. If you're someone who likes to volunteer and help others in your free time, then living in a small town would be a great way to do so. It becomes easier to find an organization you are interested in spending your time with.

Aside from just volunteering, there are much more chances to be involved in town events such as concerts, shows and plays. Because there are less people living in smaller towns, any contribution you make will make a more direct and positive impact on your community.

5. Appreciate nature

With small towns are usually void of tall skyscrapers, huge buildings and busy roads, it leaves plenty of room for nature to shine. Many small towns have lots of mountain ranges, hills, valleys, lakes, rivers and forests. If you are outdoorsy, this is ideal for you. You can spend more time hiking, biking, fishing and boating.

Even if you are not someone who enjoys these activities, being around nature alone brings you a peace of mind and a freshness in the air that you can't find elsewhere.

6. Feel safer

Due to small towns having lower populations, the crime rate also decreases. Getting away with committing crimes becomes harder in rural areas, because any such action will be greatly noticed by residents and law enforcement. It is easier to spot a culprit in a small town versus a criminal in a city with several thousands of people. Even though living in a small town does not guarantee that crimes will not occur, you or your family being victims of a crime is much more unlikely.

Safety is a top priority when choosing a new neighborhood to move into, and you can feel safe in a small town with a low crime rate.

7. Drive less and walk more

These towns are so small that you have the option to walk around town to different places if you'd like to. You can skip taking your car around which means you don't have to worry about finding parking or using gas. Usually lots of the necessary stores would be a walking distance, so you can simply walk out your house and be on your way.

8. Skip rush hour

Small-town living means less people, which means less cars, ultimately leading to less commuting traffic. There could be some traffic at times, but it will surely be less congestive and busy. Sitting in traffic in rush hours also wastes your gas and your precious time. Now, instead of calling in late to work because you got caught in terrible traffic, you can skip the daily rush hour and enjoy a relaxing drive to and from the office.

9. Take advantage of lower cost of living

Bigger towns and cities are known for their notorious costs of living. In a city like Chicago, the average rent for just a one bedroom studio apartment is $1,254 with an area of only 474 square feet. In comparison, in the same state in a small town called Carbondale, the rent for a one bedroom apartment that is 720 square feet comes out to only $600. As you can see, there is a drastic difference between the cost of living just regarding housing. If you chose to live in a small town you will clearly save more money with more room to live.

10. Slow down your lifestyle

Between working and paying bills, life can surely get hectic pretty quickly. Living in a small town gives you the chance to take it slow and easy. You get to look around and appreciate the meaningful things in life you would normally unconsciously overlook living in a big city -- like your neighbors and the landscape. With everything that a small town has to offer, you will be able to relax and enjoy the life you are living.

Living in a small town comes with a handful of benefits. Aside from the great financial advantages, it gives you a sense of belonging and a kind of self-awareness you won't be able to find in a large city. You will find yourself being closer to the community you live in and spending time with the people that matter. Deciding to live in a small town can open the door to excitement, relaxation and many new life experiences.

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