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Dallas Oregon is rich in art!

It's no doubt, if you've been anywhere in town you've seen some wonderful displays of artwork! From the murals painted on walls to various pieces of art work displayed in local businesses it's quite apparent that Dallas Oregon is rich in art! Tonight, at the Dallas Area Visitors Center office, we will be highlighting a couple of our wonderful artists, Mary Jo and Jason Faulkner of Jasmar Creations! Jason and Mary Jo are a some talented artists who specialize in garden art, rustic items, furniture, metal, jewelry, feathers, stones and so much more!

Jason was born and raised in the Willamette Valley. He’s been in the collision industry for 25 years and really enjoys working with his hands and creating something out of a variety of materials.

He works mostly with mild steel but can also work with a variety of metals as well.

He’s all over the board when it comes to what he creates. He can make garden art, rustic items, furniture, gates interior and exterior art, both painted and unpainted.

He doesn’t work with a CNC machine. He draws out the art and cuts it with a plasma cutter. Although Jason will draw and cut multiple pieces at a time, not one is like the other. This makes his work truly one of a kind and hand made!

Mary Jo grew up in the northwest as well, and draws her inspiration from nature, and loves to use a variety of items for her artwork. She loves to use rustic items like old lumber, driftwood, and other items from nature, such as precious stones, fiber, leather, and feathers as well as vintage broken jewelry, to create her own special unique and eclectic vibe.

She loves to make custom jewelry for weddings and special events in people's lives. Everything she does is a one of kind and hopes her works create positivity.

Stop by our office at 168 SW Court St in Dallas between 5:30 and 6:30 tonight to hear from these two wonderful artists, enjoy a glass of wine and appetizers and get to know business professionals from all around Polk County!

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