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Get Involved!

Community Involvement – Why It’s Important

The Dallas Area Visitors Center is committed to reaching out and making an impact in our community, it’s part of our core mission. That’s why we are involved in service and community involvement in some capacity. You’ll likely see the DAVC out and about within the Dallas Area.

First off, what is community involvement? Isn’t that just volunteering?

Well, it can involve volunteering, yes. But it's so much more than that. Being involved in organizations such as the Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Dallas, the Dallas Downtown Association, Polk Community Development Corporation (among the plethora of others in our area), are all considered involvement in our community. Involvement can include serving on a board of directors, becoming a member of an organization, collaborating on a committee, financial contributions, or even helping spread the word about a mission, event or need, are all integral to the success of these organizations.

Then there are things we do together, like coordinating community events, helping promote businesses and telling the rest of the world about how awesome Dallas is, are essential parts of community involvement.

So why is Community Involvement important to us?

Any kind of involvement in our community can lead to long-lasting partnerships. Working together in any capacity allows for deeper relationships to develop, more than just from networking alone.

Helping others excel brings value to the community and brings increased growth opportunities for everyone. It builds personal character. Learning and developing ourselves isn’t supposed to have an end. Being involved allows us to reflect on ourselves and get better along the way.

DAVC cares deeply about the future of our families, workplace, city, community, etc. What better way to show it than getting involved? All of the passion and personal motivations can be put to good use through involving yourself or your company. Being involved allows access to training and educational programs for personal development, particularly through industry groups and events. Opportunities to improve and develop leadership skills are also abundant.

How can you make an impact?

With so many benefits to community involvement, what are you waiting for? Get involved! Ask yourself, "How am I involved in Dallas?", "What am I doing to help our community?". If you are unsure as to the answer of these questions, maybe it's time to figure out how you can help shape Dallas's future! Are there certain areas of expertise you could offer? Don't know how to get involved? Just give us a call and we'd be happy to chat with you about your passions and where your talents might be best served!

The DAVC phone number is 503-837-1999 and our email is Reach out to see how you and your family can get involved!

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