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History and Mystery: A Paranormal Tour of Dallas Oregon!

You are invited to partner with a local paranormal investigation teams for the hunt of your life! You will begin at the historic Polk County Courthouse and visit plagued locations around Downtown Dallas Oregon.

You will walk along the courthouse lawn to explore several iconic buildings that have been in existence since 1845. Your guide will discuss the history of these awe-inspiring buildings. and share local lore of the paranormal within the these walls You will have the opportunity to go inside select long forgotten buildings to take a peek inside the mystery of Downtown Dallas. 

You may hear stories about mischievous spirits "rearranging" objects in an antique store, tales of breathing dolls and narration regarding the drama that surrounded a "house of ill repute". 

No two tours are ever the same as your guides cannot control what the spirits will say and do on any given tour.  Want to experience more? Simply register for another tour!

What: A Paranormal Tour of Dallas Oregon

When: 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm every Tues, Thurs and Fri from October 1 through November 1.

Who: Presented by the Dallas Area Visitors Center with Tour Guides Tim King, Medium Rhia Tortilla, and Abnormality TV's Kent and Kristina Rasmussen!

Where: Polk County Courthouse Why: Because Dallas Oregon is such an old town there are repeated stories and reports of haunted locations throughout the town. This tour will combine the history of Dallas Oregon with the Mystery that surrounds it!

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