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Is Dallas Oregon Haunted?

Earlier this week we JD Shinn, our CEO, was recording a video as an update on the Visitors Center. During this video there were some very strange things happening! Voices that said "Mommy" and "Help Me" and a loud bang seemingly out of nowhere. JD Shinn might just be an award winning actor for this performance in this film as it was done all in fun! No, JD didn't hear any real voices, no there wasn't a loud bang on the wall. We did it to bring attention to the paranormal side of Dallas. Although this video was staged, an experience I personally had in our office is very real. I head the a deep gravely voice say "hello" one morning when I was in the office alone. A few days later there was the a little girls who also said "hello". A bit later I was talking to an employee of Sassy's Kegg's and Eggs about any stories they may have regarding the old Gail Hotel. This employee told me the tale of an older gentleman who happened to die on the third floor of the Gail Hotel. They said that sometimes you can here him say say things and she went on to describe the voice as deep and raspy. She also told me there were reports of two small girls who were murdered in the hotel. Although I haven't been able to find any research to back any of that up, it's pretty coincidental that she described the EXACT same voices I had heard.

We have heard many other tales about experiences in Dallas. The cologne smell in Latitude One, Capone's Ghost at West Valley Taphouse, items being moved around Dallas Antique Mall and many, many more! The reported hauntings don't just center around Downtown either! Ghosts of America has 17 pages of reported paranormal happenings in Dallas Oregon! 1.

One story reads: " My father worked at the facility that is now Forest River when it was Towmotor. He told a story about a house that approximately matches where you describe your home to be. Apparently in the late 1970s or early 1980s a young man committed suicide in the front lawn just as the shift whistle blew. He was a troubled one legged Vietnam veteran. He used some sort of firearm; most likely a handgun and took his life with a single shot to the head. For many years the grass would not grow in the front lawn were he died. As you face the house from the street this patch was on the left side of the yard. I have seen the dead area many times myself. It has since grown back as far as I know but nothing would grow there for maybe 15 years (? ). The sense of sadness/depression would make sense if this is in fact the house you live in. If you are a believer than you need not fear being harmed by anything supernatural you will be protected. "

Some believe that paranormal happenings in Dallas are real and others don't believe at all. We decided we wanted to delve more into the topic of paranormal activity in Dallas. We also want to bring the community with us! The Dallas Area Visitors Center is pleased to announce "History and Mystery: A Paranormal Tour of Dallas, OR". Beginning October 1, 2019 you will be able to go on a paranormal tour around downtown Dallas.

Your Tour Guides and Paranormal Investigators will begin your History and Mystery Tour at the historic Polk County Courthouse. You will walk along the courthouse lawn to Mill Street, Main Street and Court Street to explore several iconic buildings that have been around since 1845. Your guide(s) will discuss the history of these awe-inspiring buildings and share local lore of the paranormal within the these walls You will have the opportunity to go inside select long forgotten buildings to take a peek inside the mystery of Downtown Dallas. 

You may hear stories about mischievous spirits "rearranging" objects in an antique store, tales of breathing dolls and narration regarding the drama that surrounded a "house of ill repute". 

The two teams of tour guides helping us out with History and Mystery Tour are well known paranormal investigators and mediums from Dallas and Salem. One team consists of Tim King, the founder of Salem Ghost Tours and author of "Haunted Salem, Oregon"and his friend Rhia Funke, who is a medium and has worked doing investigations around the Salem area for quite some time. The second team is Kent and Kristina Rasmussen. Kent is a co founder and producer of Abnormality, a television show talking about and documenting paranormal activity throughout the greater Mid-Willamette Valley. Kent and Kristina have been doing paranormal investigations for over 5 years and are very excited to help you delve into the unknown world in Dallas! Be on the look out for these amazing tour guides and paranormal investigators! You'll probably see them walking around Dallas over the next few weeks doing research and talking to various business owners downtown.

Tours are scheduled at 6 and 8 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from October 1 through November 1. Tickets are $25.00 per person or 2 for $40.00 and will go on sale Friday, September 13th. There are also private group tours available. Email for more information on them.

We hope you get the opportunity to enjoy one of these amazing historical paranormal tours.

Find out more on our website!

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