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Is Dallas Thriving?

There are over 25,000 incorporated communities in America. How many of these are truly successful?   How is it that some small cities and towns  are prospering, while many others are suffering disinvestment, loss of identity and even abandonment?  Why are some communities able to maintain their historic character and quality of life in the face of a rapidly changing world, while others have lost the very features that once gave them distinction and appeal?  How can communities, both big and small, grow without losing their heart and soul? From coast to coast, communities are struggling to answer these questions.  After working in hundreds of communities in all regions of the country, I have come to some conclusions about why some communities succeed and others fail.   

Many communities  have found ways to retain their small town values, historic character, scenic beauty and sense of community, yet sustain a prosperous economy. And they’ve done it without accepting the kind of cookie‐cutter development that has turned many communities into faceless places that young people flee, tourists avoid and which no longer instill a sense of pride in residents. Every “successful” community has its own strengths and weaknesses, but they all share some common characteristics. It’s clear for instance that successful communities involve a broad cross‐section of residents in determining and planning for the future. They also capitalize on their distinctive assets – their architecture, history, natural surroundings, and home grown businesses – rather than trying to adopt a new and different identity.  

Most successful communities also utilize a variety of private‐sector and market incentives to influence new development, instead of relying solely on government regulations.

Not every, successful community displays all of the following characteristics, but most have made use of at least 3 or 4:

1. Have a vision for the future

2. Inventory assets

3. Build plans on the enhancement of existing assets

4. Use education and incentives, not just regulation

5. Pick and choose among development projects

6. Cooperate with neighbors for mutual benefit

7. Pay attention to community aesthetics

8. Have strong leaders and committed citizens Read the Full Article Here

How can we ensure Dallas Thrives?

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