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National Go Fishing Day!

Grab your fishing pole, a friend and some bait and go off and explore the amazing fishing areas here in the Great Northwest and celebrate National Go Fishing Day! Check out this website and also this website for information about fishing around Dallas, OR!


Go out and fish! If you own a boat, great! If not, ask one of your friends to go on a fishing adventure with you. Be sure to bring the bait!

Build a fishing-themed playlist Bust out that Spotify app and make a go-fishing playlist that will ignite that inner fisherman inside of you.

If you cant go fishing, go eat some fish Yes, we said it. Although it isn’t the same thing as being out on the water and catching your lunch, might as well visualize it with every bite at your favorite seafood restaurant or equivalent. You can even defrost that fish from Costco and enjoy a grilled fish for dinner.


It’s a bonding experience The same thing can happen with any other activity, but with fishing – once you’re in the motion of things, you start acting in the present and usually start to talk about the things that matter most with the people that matter the most.

It’s a form of meditation Fishing gives you a chance to really disconnect from your work-life. By throwing a line in the lake, and waiting for a snag, one can get lost in the experience, and work feels a million miles away. If you need space to think, fishing is the key. It can be a powerful time for reflection to connect ideas, follow random trains of thought, and meditate.

It’s a challenge We long to be challenged, but if we’re always challenged by the same thing – it can wear us down and burn us out. Fishing is great because it calls on a different set of skills and demands something entirely new from us. We get the satisfaction of rising to the occasion when our comfort zone is being pushed.

My best fishing tale is when I lived in Corpus Christi, TX. I belonged to a great fishing club called Team Oso Hardcore Wadefishing. We had guys and gals, kids and seniors (and seniorita's), we were all a big happy club that genuinely enjoyed getting out to fish, hanging out and enjoying BBQ at the beach. I was out wade fishing in Oso Bay, and my friend and I were wading chest deep doing the sting-ray shuffle. All of a sudden, I had this voracious bite and hard drag on my line... My friends were yelling at me, "Tight lines, tight lines"! I was pulling on my fishing pole holding on for dear life! After a good 20 minutes of fight, what ever was there was finally losing its power and I was able to start pulling in. This fish, this mighty 23 inch Sheepshead finally was in my hands and look at those teeth!! I held that sucker up and posed with a big smile on my face! That was certainly one for the books!

I would love to hear your best fishing story, new story, old story, real story, made up story, please share your biggest and/or best fish tail!

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