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Polk County Fair Schedule and Safety!

Going to the Polk County Fair is all about having fun with your family and friends. Here are some pointers to help you enjoy yourself and get the most out of your visit with us:

Near the Exhibit Animals The barns and livestock show rings are busy places. Pay extra attention to what is going on around you in that area and watch out for animals and busy exhibitors who might be getting ready to go into the ring. When they have to move the animals over to be shown, give them plenty of room so that everyone is safe. The exhibitors love to talk about their animals, but if they’re getting the animal ready in the barn, or are just about to go into the ring, it’s best to wait to ask questions once they’re done.

E-Coli E-Coli is a serious health concern, and we’re serious about wanting to keep you safe and healthy, so PLEASE pay close attention to what our signs tell you about not eating in the barns, washing your hands after you touch the animals, before you eat, etc. You can’t wash your hands too often and we have plenty of hand-washing stations throughout the grounds and near the food areas.

Comfort Before you go to the Fair, think about what goes on your feet! There’s a LOT to do and see at the Fair which means you’re in for a LOT of walking. If you cover one end of the grounds to the other, you’ll be on asphalt, gravel, dirt, grass, and cement, so make sure you pick out some comfortable shoes that are broken-in, and make walking easy.

Heat & Sun No, it doesn’t rain in Oregon all the time, and in early August we can experience some of our warmest days of the year.  Keep in mind that, even with a little cloud cover, you can still get sunburned. That’s why we want to remind you to wear sunscreen and even grab a hat before you head to the Fair. You’ll be visiting a long time because we have so much for you to see and do, and you don’t want to take a sunburn home as your Fair souvenir!

Hydrate Along with the sunscreen, don’t forget to keep hydrated on a warm day. We have beverage stations conveniently located throughout the grounds where you can buy a bottle of water at an economical price. 

Parents: Be especially mindful of your children as they can get dehydrated quickly.

Stay in Contact with Your Family or Group When you visit the Fair, set a time and a location to meet up with those in your group if you’re going to head off in different directions, or in the event that you become separated. Also make sure you bring your cell phones as there are no pay phones on the grounds.

Parents: Pay extra close attention to youngsters, especially the little ones. In a big crowd of people, they can get separated from you in an instant.

Our staff and security personnel are always on the lookout for children who have lost the adults they’re with, and if this happens, the kids are taken to our Main Office. The Main Office has IF LOST stickers for any one that needs one. Just fill in the blanks and stick on.

Valuables and Pets in your Vehicle Lock your vehicle before you enter the Fair and don’t leave valuables inside it, including your pet. Having dogs inside the barns with the livestock can sometimes create a dangerous scenario, as the animals can get nervous when around each other, especially if it’s something unfamiliar to them, and we don’t want to see the animals, or their owners, injured. This is why only Service Animals, as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act, are allowed into the Fair. Law enforcement officials will be contacted to rescue animals reported to be in distress inside vehicles on hot days in the Fair parking lots.

For a complete schedule for the Fair, click here

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