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Tales of Dallas Oregon ... True or False?

Beginning next Monday, August 19th, The Dallas Area Visitors Center will begin a series of blog posts addressing Dallas's biggest myths! We sought out some of the most common myths of Dallas and have narrowed it down to a manageable size....

1. There was a KKK Headquarters in Dallas.

2. The Dallas Dragons were named after the KKK.

3. Dallas has the most bars per capita in the US.

4. Dallas has the most churches per capita in the US.

5. It is illegal to buy and eat ice cream in Dallas on Sundays.

6. There were multiple hangings from the "Hanging Tree" on the Courthouse Lawn.

7. There is a Government facility outside of Black Rock monitoring activity in Polk County.

8. There was an influx of Aliens & UFO sightings in Dallas in the 70's.

9. There are underground tunnels around Dallas.

10. Just about every store on Main St is Haunted. Although this series of tales is rounded off to ONLY TEN....this easily could have been a year long blog based on the myths and rumors about Dallas. The information presented in these upcoming blog posts are a result of interviews with historians in and around Dallas, information gleaned from library and internet research and lastly conversations with residents. We hope you enjoy this series of upcoming posts!

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