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You can have your Chocolate and Pie too!

Hey guess what people of Dallas, Oregon (not Dallas Texas and not The Dalles!), today is National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day! Yes its true. On August 20th, National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day lets you have your chocolate and pie, too! (National Pecan Pie Day is observed each year on July 12th if chocolate isn’t your flavor, but we don’t know anyone like that.) 

Just like the original, chocolate pecan pie goes well with ice cream. Another southern delight, this treat features crisp pecans. Pecan pies fall under the sugar pie category which gives them a gooey, almost caramel center. Depending on the recipe, different sugars make the sweet batter for the pie. Both brown and white sugars can be used, but so can molasses. Corn syrup is a common ingredient as well. Even honey is used.

There is one ingredient that pops up from time to time that shouldn’t surprise some cooks. So

me recipes call for a little bit of bourbon, rum or whiskey. Since these spirits hail from the southern parts of North America, seasoning with them is a natural method. While pecan pies include eggs in the recipe as a binder, it’s interesting to note another sugar pie that was made when eggs were out of season. The pie is called a sugar cream pie.

*Local suppliers of bourbon and whiskey can be found at the local Dallas Liquor Store next to Rite Aid

Interestingly enough, though we can’t imagine there being a season for eggs. Birds lay more eggs in spring and summer than they do in the fall and winter. Chickens rely on the sun to know when to lay eggs. When the days are shorter, they lay fewer eggs. In the winter, they may lay no eggs at all. So, on small farms when the hens stopped laying, a sugar cream pie offered an alternative since no eggs are required to make it. Both chocolate pecan pie and sugar cream are delicious!

HOW TO OBSERVE #ChocolatePecanPieDay

There are so many ways to celebrate the day. Whether you visit your favorite bakery and pick up a pie or bake it yourself, be sure to share with friends and family.

*Here is a list of Dallas restaurants and local bakeries that MAY satisfy your Chocolate Pecan Pie cravings. Make sure to call before you get your heart set on them having the pie.

Or you can experiment with a new recipe or bake up an old favorite.

Local places to get the ingredients you need for these yummy recipes are:

Use #ChocolatePecanPieDay to post on social media. Tell your friends about this wonderful dessert. National Day Calendar also has a Recipe page filled with much more than just desserts, so have a look-see! Hope you get a chance to visit one of the local businesses listed above to help you celebrate and enjoy National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day!

If you find a place in Dallas Oregon that has the best Chocolate Pecan Pie, take a photo and use #exploredallasoregon to show it off!

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