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Meet Your Tour Guides

Tim King, of Salem Ghost Tours, is an experienced journalist who has written and produced both in print and television. He was assigned to cover Salem for KATU in 2002; was embedded with the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan; and is the founder of a news blog, Tim has been researching and investigating the paranormal for over 6 years and has had many paranormal experiences throughout his life. Some of these tales are recounted in his book Haunted Salem, Oregon.  Tim is beyond excited for the History & Mystery Tours in Dallas and looks forward to sharing extraordinary tales of Dallas with you! 


Rhia Tortilla grew up in Tuscan AZ and Canton IL. When she was six years old she began to hear and see people that others couldn't. At the time this was more of a curse than a gift. Over the years she learned to open herself to the messages that she was receiving and began to embrace her gift. Since then, she has become especially skilled in Tarot and Past Life readings as well as paranormal investigations. She has investigated the Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone Arizona and the Myrtles Plantation, just outside of Baton Rouge Louisiana. She says the energies she has picked up in Dallas during her research phase are parallel to her experiences in Louisiana.  Rhia can now be found in Salem, at the Salem Ghost Tours. She can't wait to guide you through Dallas! 

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